Day 89: My Cute Nephew

My Cute Nephew

My loving elder sister was waiting for me to come to NJ and take my nephew’s awesome photographs. Finally as I’m in NJ now, I decided to take his photos when we went to visit Liberty State Park.

Because he was crazily playing everywhere, I couldn’t get enough moments to take his photographs, I got only 2-3 really nice pictures. Other are good and cute too but they’re not photographically very nice.

We all loved this photograph. Extremely cute. I love himmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :-*

Even I used my Walgreen free print coupon code and printed this photo in 8×10 size today. I gave it to my sister as surprise and she loved it. Will find a good photo-frame now.

Editing: played with lightroom adjustments (brightness,contrast,temperature,black & white clipping,exposure). Also corrected some lighting issues on right side using graduated filter tool & some vignetting on both ends.

You will surely say Aweee after looking this photo. 🙂

better quality Flickr link


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