Day 92: The Nature Art

The Nature Art

I was unlucky, I couldn’t get an awesome landscape photo of the same location at Liberty State Park. I was leaving and suddenly I saw this scene where grass, trees and sky were making awesome balancing trio. I went there and took the picture. As I said I was unlucky because due to polls, other stuff and sloppy grass area, I could only take vertical photo.

Then while post processing, I thought about copying,flipping and adding it on other-side to make a landscape photograph. I did that and liked it. Then I thought, the photo was lacking something like a key factor/object.  So I decided to add something in it. I was not sure what and where because I had never done merging of one photo in another at serious level. I tried to add photo of that bird (Post Day -53), and I liked the overall feel. Felt more complete after adding and it was also not lookin any fake.

But then I felt that the landscape is giving purely post processed feeling and it was losing its impression, so re-flipped some parts and tried to merge more nicely into a squared composition. After everything, I liked my idea of making it square. 🙂

As an artist and also as a person, I don’t like to lie about things and that’s why I kept the title as ‘nature art’. Though, 75% photograph is originally taken, I consider it as an art because I added the stuff inside.

I hope you will like it 🙂

Suggestions ?

Definitely better quality Flickr link


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