Day 93: Backyard Haunted House

Backyard Haunted House

The moment I took this photo, I had this image on my mind. I just love wall plants and their natural/man-made arrangement around different structures. I’ve posted a photo with wall plants before too (Day – 16).

I found neighbor’s house interesting. The house looks like haunted empty vintage house from outside. I didn’t realize that someone lives there until my sister told me the next day while I was talking with her about this photo. And that even a single old lady in the entire two floor house. I also saw her next day. I wonder how she lives in such a horrifying house from outside (don’t know how she keep it from inside). Do you remember that ‘enter at your own risk’ photo (Day – 81) ? That’s the front door of the same house. LoL

Anyways, I loved the backyard house and took this photo. Played with basic adjustments, tone curving and lens vignetting in Lightroom first and then in Photoshop added some sharpness and minor cropping 🙂

PS: I’ve  another landscape format photo of the same location with some awesome elements. I’m thinking to put it tomorrow. Not sure though !! 😉

Awesome quality Flickr link


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