Day 95: Water, Bird and The Reflection

Water, Bird and the reflectionThings I like about this photo is timing & unique reflection with wonderful shaded light on the reflected bird. It was my bad luck that I couldn’t capture the full reflection of the bird but yeah that happens sometimes.

I didn’t see the click that time otherwise I would have tried to take another shot. I saw the picture after coming home on the laptop. 😦

I’m sure you’ve seen my downtown Melbourne photo walk photos (Day 65, Day 66 and that bikini model photoshoot), I took this one on same day,same trip. Yesterday I looked at it, corrected color/contrast and I thought that this picture deserves to be on blog.

LoL. I actually didn’t miss to post yesterday, I uploaded this on Flickr and it was late night, so I don’t know when I fell asleep and then forgot in the morning too that I slept before uploading on blog.

Tonight when I opened WordPress, I remember that I actually missed it.

Anyways today, because of wonderful sunny weather in NJ, we went to visit Seaside Heights Beach and boardwalk. It was fun. I was not doing much of photography but still I took few shots. Let’s see what comes from one of those tomorrow.

Have a good night/day.

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Better quality Flickr link


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