Day 96: The Giant Ferris Wheel @ Seaside Heights

Giant Ferris Wheel

As I already mentioned in last post, I had an amazing trip to Seaside Heights Beach and Boardwalk yesterday. What a place to visit in sunny weather !!! It was not a full day trip but still fully enjoyed. Awesome sunny weather in NJ, cold beach water, cool boardwalk games and tasty pizza.

I took my camera with me but was prepared about not getting enough pictures because my family was with me and I didn’t want to ruin their trip by just wondering alone and taking photographs. Took some family pictures, tried lots of flying bird pictures (got few nice) and finally while walking on boardwalk, I saw this huge Ferris Wheel. Since very long time I want to take slow shutter photographs of amusement rides at night but still haven’t got chance. But at least I got chance to take different angles of Ferris Wheel (though it was in daylight situation) and I didn’t want to miss it. Even it had colorful compartments too, so I was sure to get at least one good picture.

I liked the angle in this photo. Something like this was only there on my mind before taking the picture. Very nice flow of eyes from one compartment to another around the picture. I always tend to keep high contrast on my photographs but this time I rather kept it low contrasted and I very much liked it this way. Different color compartments mixes nicely with each other.

Cropped to get rid of unwanted area from bottom part. Played with different lightroom settings to get the final result.

This image looks very nice on Flickr. Take a look @ Better quality Flickr link.

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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