Day 97: Seagull @ Seaside Heights


As I mentioned in previous post, I tried so many seagull pictures. I had some specific compositions in my mind, so I was trying to capture those type of only.

They were so quick and even when I go near to any bird who is sitting, they were flying away towards sea direction and I was not getting their face. I changed my lens from 55-250 to 18-55, to be able to get the photo even when they come too close and that worked. I got some nice pictures with 18-55 which I definitely had to crop to get them more closer in the frame.

Same happened with this one. I cropped almost 2/3 of the original frame. Still acceptable image dimensions. Thanks to my 18MP Canon T3i. Love it 🙂

Did just minor post processing to enhance the photo. Nothing special to mention about it.

Not sure about posting another bird picture tomorrow or not. Hopefully will go out on streets and shoot something if get time.

As always, Better quality Flickr link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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