Photo Post 130: The Droste Effect (first try)

 The Droste Effect (first try)

I had awesome fun today when I learned this new photo effect called the “Droste effect”.

Basically it’s the effect of a picture appearing within itself. It’s done using several softwares like Gimp , Photoshop and Pixel Blender Toolkit.

You will need to install the Droste plugin/filter for different software which contains all the algorithm part (you don’t need to worry about it).

It didn’t take much time to setup everything and once it was done. It was amazing to play with it using different settings. You need to figure out which image will give more effective look in Droste effect. Not all the images will give interesting outcome.

I used one of the portrait photo I took of a friend. After some experiments, I got this awesome result.

You should try this if you like to be more creative in terms of photographics. I will definitely try some more soon. I might take special photos to re-generate them using Droste effect. I will keep posting here.

You can ask me any question regarding this. I’m not an expert but I can share what I have. 🙂

Flickr lightbox version

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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