My 1X.COM Debut

I’m very happy today.

I’m not sure whether you know or not. It is one of the best online photo gallery. You will find the most amazing photographs and photo arts there from wonderful photographers all over the world. Why it is best ?? Because they just don’t allow you to upload photo and show it to public like Flickr. Every photo you upload gets curated by top level moderators. That’s the reason behind finding the best photo sources on

I came to know about it in April of this year. I wanted to get my photos published here. As I’ve a free account, I’m only allowed to upload one photo at a time. I have tried 3 times. Till now I’ve uploaded 3 photos which I thought were better than others in my whole collection and even my friends liked them a lot. But none of them got accepted.

And finally, one of my recent photograph got selected and published on which I took on 9/11. It was very bad of me that I forgot to check about the acceptance status. Today I opened the site after almost 3 weeks and my photo was already published 2 weeks ago. Till today it had already got over 5700 views. I was shocked and happy. Very happy in fact. 🙂

Let me share the link with you:!/photo/53839

I already shared this happy news on my Facebook wall and then I thought I should write a post here as well.


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