Photo Post 133: Flower_Photo Paint


Today I read a blog post on “Creatives: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?“.

Even though I’m not always my own enemy but after reading the post I felt like yeah…I sometimes do stop myself from doing something or posting something here may be because of angst and self-doubt. I should not stop myself from exploring and sharing whatever I like. It will not always lead me in a better position but I will be satisfied that I did that.

So as you may know, I started exploring that photo sketching tool and kinda liked it a lot. After sharing 2-3 photos here I thought I should not focus more on that because may be I was afraid of what people will think about me as an artist. But I was wrong. Though people(public) are always the best judge for any artist, artists do art because they love it and they have passion for it. If they are happy with what they do, then it has nothing to do with what others think.

Yesterday, I created another paint art from one of my photos. I used Photoshop texture and then fotosketcher tool. As always, it was fun.

Better quality Flickr link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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