Photo Post 134: Merry-Go-Round (Woodbridge Center Mall, NJ)


Finally I got chance to take a long exposure merry-go-round. Actually since long time I really really want to go to a funfair and take awesome long exposure photos of different rides at night time. But my busy schedule always bring something in between. Before a month, it was study and now it is job hunting. No time for fun. Seriously !! Even I can’t update blog everyday which I promised you and myself.

OK !!! Leave it. Even I didn’t go to any fair to take this picture. Yesterday I went to a shopping mall with sister and brother-in-law. I took my camera with me as I had nothing to shop. At last minute, I took my tripod too and that definitely worked out. I took some cute snaps of my nephew inside the mall and then before coming back home, we went to kids area inside the mall. When I saw this merry-go-round, I was like “YEAHHH !!! I got something interesting”.

Unfortunately lights inside the mall were to bright and even there was still sunshine coming inside. They still turned on the lights around merry-go-round which gave me opportunity to take a long exposure photograph. I set my tripod and took 4-5 photos. People were very disturbing going here and there and coming in between my camera and my object.

Post processed one in Lightroom which I’m sharing with you today. I can take much better photograph than this but still I’m happy with this 🙂

WordPress ruined the quality here. Check out the Flickr link.

See you soon. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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