Photo Post 135: ‘Alexander Hall’ through ‘Blair Hall’ entrance (Princeton University)

Alexander and blair hall

Very happy today !! In fact, I should say very very happy. Because of one and only the Princeton University.

Actually I went to Princeton University today as a part of Scott Kelby‘s 5th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. 

I joined other photographers at 3:15 PM near Alexander hall which is the first building when you enter the university from Palmer square side. I loved that building. I spend much time around that building to take photographs to make a final HDR of the building. Other photographers were too quick in taking photographs and moving ahead which is not quite my style. What I have learned till now in photography is not to take tons of photographs and then go through them in laptop to find a better one. Instead, I give much more time before I take photographs, thinking and learning about composition and lighting and then the photographs I take are already better and I don’t need to delete them or go through them in laptop.

So when I figured out that this group of photographers are not my kind, I decided to have my own photo walk then after. After I finished around Alexander hall, I came to Blair hall entrance. Huge and wide building. Amazing big entrance dome. After I walked the dome, I looked behind and saw Alexander building right from that entrance space. I was like YEAHHHHH. I got my first amazing princeton photograph. I setup my tripod on stairs because I wanted to take two different exposure photographs, one of the dome and second one of the Alexander hall, so that I can merge them later and have lovely composition.

While I was taking second photograph, this group of people coming in and going out created a very nice composition setup for me. I quickly took the photograph and that’s it. I got my two images.

I merged them and they looked little different because of very bright colors of Alexander hall and stone color of the blair hall dome. So I converted the merged image in black and white and BINGO !!! Perfectly as I wanted. I loved this photograph.

Much more to talk about Princeton and other awesome photographs I took today.

Will share HDR of Alexander Hall tomorrow. Keep your eyes on blog update 🙂

Definitely better quality Flickr link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


7 thoughts on “Photo Post 135: ‘Alexander Hall’ through ‘Blair Hall’ entrance (Princeton University)

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