Photo Post 139: Major John Baird Atwood Doorway (Princeton University)

Doorway View

Quick another post !! 🙂

Actually according to WordPress, after 8PM the day has been changed (because they follow UTC time) so in that way this is a new day post 😉

Anyways I have to tell you again that, if you have not read any other Princeton Photo stories then please start from ‘Photo Post 135‘.

As I told you in previous post, I was walking through Blair Hall to Lewis Library and on the way I took all the beautiful things which came across.

Exactly opposite to Blair Hall, there was this upper-class dormitory of Princeton and Princeton has amazingly created vintage doorways especially in residence halls.

Though the doors were awesome, taking only the door and surrounding wall in photograph is very common and unattractive. So I tried to create a good passage view so that I can capture the door and also the feeling of area. I framed the whole scene under a tree and also took the grass area on which the tree leaves were lying.

The scene looked lovely. I was going to post the photograph but then I thought of adding painting element in this photograph and I did. Now the texture looks very nice and painting feel is so lively.

Will share next photograph tomorrow morning. Going to sleep now 🙂

Flickr lightbox link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.



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