Photo Post 141: Pyne Hall Archway (Princeton University)

pyne hall archway

Late but still an hour left 🙂

So you saw the last photo of stairs and archway. That was the Pyne hall @Princeton University. After taking that photograph, I went on top to find anything interesting.  On right side of that middle archway, in the corner there was another archway to eastern side of the building.

Beautiful sunlight was coming on halfway and creating that triangle. The natural light was not really good so I had to put the camera on tripod. I took 1-2 single shots but they did not look expressive. So I decided the create an HDR and I was sure that it is going to look nice.

I created HDR from 4 different photographs. I am not an HDR person if you know my photography but I always had a thought that I should understanding and learn about on which situation I will need to create an HDR image and why !! I think I am understanding little bit now. And also it is not about showing dynamic range all the time but you can also merge differently exposed photographs to create a better exposed photograph even though final image does not cover entire dynamic color range.

If you have something more to teach me regarding this then please feel free to share or criticize.

Flickr lightbox link

I am definitely uploading another image tonight because it is gonna be a next day soon 🙂

See you soon. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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