Photo post 145: The Frozen Drop

The Frozen Drop

Yesterday, I went to a short hike on a trail near my house with roommates. As I live on a very hilly area, we started exploring different roads which goes to top heights so that we can see the view of the whole city from top. We succeeded but because of the road and house in both ways, I couldn’t capture a nice view of the whole city.

While returning, I looked for different photo objects to capture some lovely photographs after long time. As the snow fell last night, I noticed the ice on leaves near a house on the way back. One is not supposed to trespass someone else property, so I did not go further ahead but started taking some pictures near the entrance of the pathway of that house. Suddenly my eye captured this leaf on which there was a drop but it was still frozen and I found a nice object 🙂 Bway, after looking more closely, I found so many awesome frozen drops. My roommates stopped me from taking more pictures there because of trespass issue. So I just clicked 2-3 photos of this leaf.

Drop pattern could have been much better but I can’t ask more from nature 😉 So I am happy with this for now. I will keep looking for a better frozen pattern in future.

I played nicely with saturation and vibrance to get this pure greenish look. Also played with color specific shadows and highlights for first time. Need to learn more in that area in Lightroom. As you can clearly notice, I have also added vignetting in corners. With greenish shades, I always like little bit dark vignetting in corners.

Flickr lightbox link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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