Post 143: Defeat

Feeling really bad but I am announcing my defeat today. I lost my own photo challenge which I start almost 10 months ago. I started it because I got really excited and inspired by seeing people doing 365 photo challenge. I was so confident initially that I would do it but the current stage of my life is passing really tough and busy. I tried a lot but I couldn’t keep up everyday photos. I even tried doing it weekly for certain period but still I felt ‘not complete’ and today after continuous 82 days without posting anything, I finally thought of accepting that I lost it.

Still, I believe in myself and I am sure that I will come back someday with the same challenge and I will finish it that time.

I have decided to keep maintaining this lovely blog which I started and keep posting photos as soon as I take them.

I have some new photos to share with everyone. I will do it right after this post.

I disappointed myself more than I disappointed anyone else but the good part is rather than giving excuses to myself, I accepted the defeat and I’m moving forward.

I’m planning to keep the blog post structure also. So every time I post something apart from photos , I will set the title as ‘post #number’ and if its a photo post then I will make it ‘photo post #number’.

Keep loving me and my work. Keep inspiring me, sharing with me and giving your thoughts on my work.

Thank you and God bless you.


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