Photo Post 149: Lower Twin Fall (South Fork of the Snoqualmie River)


Last time, I shared the photo from my hike trip to Twin falls. That photo was the upper fall among the twin falls and this one is the lower fall.

This is very beautiful and awesomely designed by nature. I was just not willing to go back home and wanted to spend all time watching and listening to sound of this fall.

I have taken lovely photographs there, just couldn’t get enough time to share on blog. I will definitely upload another tomorrow because it’s Sunday 🙂

I’m definitely going for the trip of Twin falls again because if you notice carefully, photographts are blurred. And that because of wooden stepped viewing point which was vibrating a lot because of people going and coming back-&-fourth. Apart from that the non-professional tripod of my roommate which I’m using temporary. I think I have mentioned both of these in my last post, lol.

Anyways, I like to accept failure in my photographs and will try not to make same mistake again.

Editing: Started focusing a lot to histogram. Learned few things after reading on internet. While taking this photograph, I didn’t look into inbuilt camera histogram but started using it after this trip. So for this one, I made sure that whiteness of waterfall don’t go overexpose. Many thanks to my dear friend Doug, who made me think about leveling/curves. Though I didn’t much use curves directly in editing, correcting the histogram made me think more about white clipping, black clipping, highlights and shadows together which is same as using curves. Apart from that, some colors saturation and luminance changes.

Flickr lightbox link

See you soon. Till then આવજો, Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


One thought on “Photo Post 149: Lower Twin Fall (South Fork of the Snoqualmie River)

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