Photo Post 151: Surreal


‘Surreal’ – Totally suitable title for the photograph. I remember this moment where me and my roommates went for walk around our house, and while coming back I noticed that sun is coming in background of this plant(?)/flowers(?). I knew exactly how I’m going to take that photograph. I kept the direct sun very slight right to the right corner of my photo view. I wanted both sunrays and sunspot, and I got them. The white thing you can see over the top of each flower is snow, which adds a nice element to the photograph.

Editing: Played in lightroom to get exact color situation like this.  Some tinting/highlights/shadows/HSL and adjusted white clipping to create proper histogram (because the snow part was going little overexposed).

I’m happy that I posted two photographs today 🙂

Flickr link

See you soon. Till then આવજો, Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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