Photo Post 153: Upper Twin Fall Photo Art

Upper Twin Fall Photo ArtIf you’re following  my work since long time then you may know that I very much like to convert my photographs into some short of artistic or painting creation. Of course, I rely heavily on Fotosketcher for this. And I do feel that this software will definitely give fruitful results only if you already have a very good photograph and you know how to play with different parameters it provides. You can’t convert any photo into sketch/painting, by saying that I mean it will neither look good or natural.

After spending good time analyzing this aspect of photo to paint conversion,  I am now capable of thinking that which of my photograph will be good to convert as painting. So I had this photograph of broad view of Upper Twin Fall. I have already poster closer view as photo post 148. I was not liking original photograph because somehow it was not giving my satisfaction. Sometimes too many sharp tree leaves don’t suit to my taste, especially when they’re not forming any patterns. Then I realized that I can use brushstroke drawing parameter of Fotosketcher and it will definitely look something different.

So this is it. Looks beautiful to me 🙂

Editing: First of all I used lightroom and photoshop to make the photo as vibrant/colorful as possible without over-saturating it (because I knew that it will enhance the painting output of the photo). In same way, increased contrast by taking care of black/white level balance. Then use Fotosketcher to create the effect and again just a minor color saturation and cropping in lightroom.

I know it sounds like lot of editing but trust me it’s not. It’s just 3 steps if you know what you’re doing and how can you do it.

Flickr link

See you soon. Till then આવજો, Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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