Photo Post 158: You, Me and The Silence Goes For Miles

You, Me and The Silence

After long time !! 2 months.

I just don’t get enough time sometimes and other times I get enough lazy to do all the stuff together.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t photographs though. I took. May be not that much, but still I managed time for that.

If you look at previous post then this photo connects to the same place and same trip. I remember I saw this couple sitting there and discussing something. I was actually trying to take an HDR of these rocks with green algae on top of them and the water. But I thought that if I take this couple in the photo, it may add an interesting perspective.

I asked them if I can include them in my photo and they said OK, so I took HDR including them. As expected, they moved in all my single photographs and that’s why my HDR processing didn’t go very well around that area (thanks to ghost removal option in photomatix to making this better). I didn’t like colored version and monochrome kinda gave me some connection between all the elements. So I finalized on that.

At the time of giving title, as they were looking in kind of opposite direction, I made it into a silence between two people situation and gave the title.

Editing: As I said it is an HDR, so that was done in Photomatix Pro and then minor touching in lightroom.

Thank you for visiting !!

Flickr link

See you soon. Till then આવજો, Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


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