Photo Post 160: Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry TomatoesContinuing my photos from Pike Place Market (Seattle,WA) visit. In the last post, I mentioned that pike place market is a great place for food photography.

Even though it was very crowded when I went there, I stubbornly stood at few places without moving to take some photographs. People and even the vendors don’t like if someone is not buying something and just standing in crowd taking photographs with his equipment. lol. This photograph is one of them. Luckily this was not that hard to take as there were many fruits/vegetable vendors in the row so people were not gathered at only one vendor.

Same like previous photograph (post-159), I knew exactly what I want from this photograph when I took it. So didn’t spend much time in trying different compositions. I just took two with bigger frame at right angle and then cropped it.

Post process: I first used a lightroom preset called ‘cross process 3’. I liked it in parts but didn’t like the heavy blueish tint all over the photograph and also black/shadow clipping was underexposed, so I changed the temperature to get rid of blueish feel and get the color feel I wanted. Also increased shadow clipping to have better exposure in some areas. Increasing shadows also increased a noise little bit but that looked better to me and gave a nice texture to photograph.

I loved this photograph. This will look awesome in canvas print to hang it near the kitchen area. 🙂 Whether someone is going to buy my photographs or not, I’m definitely going to buy myself a good poster print of this one for my own house.

500px | Flickr

See you soon. Till then આવજો, Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


One thought on “Photo Post 160: Cherry Tomatoes

  1. I adore this photo! Very nice job, Jigar. I also like that you went into such great detail when describing the post process. I agree, this /would/ be perfect as a canvas in the kitchen!

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