About ME

I’m glad to see you on my photo blog.

My lovely name is Jigar. A simple person from a simple family who likes to think differently , work passionately and achieve perfectly.

From India. A proud Indian and lover of my city Ahmedabad‘.

I love what I do and I only do what I love to do. 🙂

I’m passionate about photography. I learned everything by myself and still learning every day. I like to share the knowledge I have, that’s why I started this photo blog. I also write what I’ve edited in order to achieve the final photograph. I’ve also written my little photo story here.

Also founder of a Non-Profit organization called Pustakalay – Books to Share. Started this organization with my best friend in April 2012. It is designed to serve as public library for people of Ahmedabad promoting reading and literacy. We worked hard and one of our dreams came true. Much more to achieve yet.

I’m a Wikimedian too. I share my photos in Wikimedia commons which can be used freely under Creative Commons license. I write/edit articles also.

If you’ve any idea in your mind which you think is interesting, then let me know. I would love to be part of that.

Thanks for reading.

~ Help people and spread happiness in the world.


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