Symetra Financial Corporation

Photograph Symetra Financial Corporation  by Jigar Brahmbhatt on 500px

Symetra Financial Corporation by Jigar Brahmbhatt on 500px

7th tallest building in Bellevue city. 324ft (99m) tall. Awesome glass structure.


Photo Post 157: West Point Lighthouse, Discovery Park, Seattle WA

West Point Lighthouse

What should I say about this place ….!!! Thank a ton to my colleague Matt Jahn who introduce me to Discovery ParkSeattle. And the person I remembered a lot while visiting this lighthouse is my friend Doug Caroll because he loves Lighthouses.

If you’re visiting Seattle, you must visit this place. Either as a photographer or together with your love-mate. It juts into Puget Sound and marks the northern extent of Elliott Bay. You can have a romantic long walk on the shore, explore sight of old tree branches of different shapes/shades (just like you can see in this picture), take photographs of this vintage lighthouse and few other empty houses. And apart from all these, Discovery Park have awesome trails of different range (that’s not surprising for Washington state where you can find trails on every other street).

You can spend a full day starting from early morning hike to sunset time at walk at shore. Unfortunately, I was not aware about all these and I went there around late afternoon time. So I couldn’t spend time hiking or walking on shore. I just took photographs and explored the lighthouse area.

Visit Discovery park is definitely there in my list. I got 3-4 lovely photograph which I will sharing for next few posts. Keep visiting my blog 🙂

Editing: I couldn’t take this photograph without an HDR image because sunlight was too bright and too direct on lighthouse. I’m glad that I opted for 5 image HDR and kept processing in control for not making over HDRish feel. I think I pretty much succeeded in my task.

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See you soon. Till then આવજો, Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Photo Post 146: University Chapel (Princeton)

University Chapel

I forgot to share few more photos left from my Princeton Photowalk. If you forgot completely or if you never knew about it. Then you can visit the first photo from that photowalk HERE.

If I remember correctly then this chapel was the last place I visited in Princeton University campus. I read a lot about it before I went there and it was in my must see list. Finally when I saw it, I got stunned by it. Peaceful silence, beautifully structured and the most giant chapel I have seen so far. I felt like I am in a fantasy movie where they shows this big architectures. (Like Harry Potter world’s dining hall of the campus).

Obviously, it was much darker inside. Sun-rays were falling beautifully  onto some part of the chapel and slowly moving to west because of the sunset time. I decided to try out HDR for this situation.

I capture differently angled photographs. Liked some/disliked some. Made this HDR from 3 photographs taken with different exposure timings. 2.5 seconds/10 seconds/20 seconds. Merged them using Photomatix Pro. I am not a pro HDR person but tried my best to get the best result for now.

You can share tips and tricks if you have something for me.

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See you soon. Till then આવજો, Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Photo Post 142: Wall Abstract (Butler College Dormitories, Princeton University)

wall abstract

So now this was my last stop before I reached Lewis library. Very nicely designed Butler college buildings, Wilf hall etc. with small bricks with different shades of red/brown/orange. And also nice curves on certain windows area rather than just straight building.

I immediately took photograph as soon as I saw this building. I never thought about this rotated version though. I liked it as a straight photography when I took it but then on the large screen it was not giving very nice impression. Rotating help the perspective and now it looks different and interesting 🙂

Apart from rotation, I actually cropped the photo and also changed some coloring because only one color shades did not impress me much.

Finally, next photograph will be of Lewis library. I loved the library. I will write more about it tomorrow.

By the way you are directly reading this post without reading any previous Princeton stories then I would like you to start from Photo Post 135. It is not required but it makes a good connection when you start from first post. 🙂

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See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Photo Post 141: Pyne Hall Archway (Princeton University)

pyne hall archway

Late but still an hour left 🙂

So you saw the last photo of stairs and archway. That was the Pyne hall @Princeton University. After taking that photograph, I went on top to find anything interesting.  On right side of that middle archway, in the corner there was another archway to eastern side of the building.

Beautiful sunlight was coming on halfway and creating that triangle. The natural light was not really good so I had to put the camera on tripod. I took 1-2 single shots but they did not look expressive. So I decided the create an HDR and I was sure that it is going to look nice.

I created HDR from 4 different photographs. I am not an HDR person if you know my photography but I always had a thought that I should understanding and learn about on which situation I will need to create an HDR image and why !! I think I am understanding little bit now. And also it is not about showing dynamic range all the time but you can also merge differently exposed photographs to create a better exposed photograph even though final image does not cover entire dynamic color range.

If you have something more to teach me regarding this then please feel free to share or criticize.

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I am definitely uploading another image tonight because it is gonna be a next day soon 🙂

See you soon. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Photo Post 140: Stairs and the Archway (Princeton University)


Again I got little late. 😦

As per I remember, this is the right side of the same building where I found the house of  Photo Post 138.

Right side means, completely other side of the whole building. Actually I knew that I had already taken one photograph of an archway through Blair hall but this looked different. Mainly because of the stair pattern and the archway. Also the decision on the wall around archway. Of course as I said before, empty archway looks common so I waited until I get someone going/coming through it.

I was ready and I clicked as soon as these two girls came on the way. Did some color adjustments and increased sharpness. I liked it. Different composition and nice elements. 🙂

PS: If you haven’t read any other Princeton photowalk stories then I recommend you to start reading from Photo Post 135.

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See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Photo Post 139: Major John Baird Atwood Doorway (Princeton University)

Doorway View

Quick another post !! 🙂

Actually according to WordPress, after 8PM the day has been changed (because they follow UTC time) so in that way this is a new day post 😉

Anyways I have to tell you again that, if you have not read any other Princeton Photo stories then please start from ‘Photo Post 135‘.

As I told you in previous post, I was walking through Blair Hall to Lewis Library and on the way I took all the beautiful things which came across.

Exactly opposite to Blair Hall, there was this upper-class dormitory of Princeton and Princeton has amazingly created vintage doorways especially in residence halls.

Though the doors were awesome, taking only the door and surrounding wall in photograph is very common and unattractive. So I tried to create a good passage view so that I can capture the door and also the feeling of area. I framed the whole scene under a tree and also took the grass area on which the tree leaves were lying.

The scene looked lovely. I was going to post the photograph but then I thought of adding painting element in this photograph and I did. Now the texture looks very nice and painting feel is so lively.

Will share next photograph tomorrow morning. Going to sleep now 🙂

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See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.