Day 61: Kaho Na Pyar Hai !!

Kaho Na Pyar Hai

Not getting enough time for photography these days. Difficult to go outside and click photos.

I Thought I should not discourage myself and should again put something which I already have. That way at least I will be able to keep my challenge continue.

If you haven’t seen my Day-1 photo, then I request you to take a look. It is one of the powerful photographs I’ve clicked. I just won another online photography competition. Today’s photo is also from the same day I took that one. You will be able to read the story there.

Editing: Did selective cloning of some distracting area. Increased sharpness little bit while taking care of noise level. Cropped to make it more suitable horizontal composition.

Definitely WordPress quality is not good, check: Better quality Flickr version

I hope you will like it 🙂


Day 60: Hurray, We Did It !!!

Hurray, They Did It

As I told you in last post, I was busy on my college graduate ceremony day (Florida Institute of Technology). Though it was not my graduation but almost all of my friends were graduating so I had to attend the ceremony and of course I had to take their awesome pictures.

I took plenty and put them all as an album under my Facebook page. All my friends and their friends loved photos and there was like the rain of likes on different photos. Take a look here.

This photos may not be technically superb but since long time I wanted to click this type of graduation photo where people through the cap in air while celebrating. It’s really a proud n happy moment. I’m happy to get this clicks. 🙂

I almost sat down and used vari-angle LCD feature of my camera in live mode. After I took 2-3 images, I set the lighting nicely and told them to get ready. Took 5 shoots in burst mode. I was just gonna post the middle one but then I thought I should show the continuity and made a collage of three photos.

Editing: Just increased vibrance and adjusted brightness/contrast. Photos were pretty sharp according to situation, so I didn’t play much with them.

I hope you will like it. 🙂

I’m graduating next semester, I hope someone will take these type of photos of mine.

Better quality Flickr link

Day 26: My Birthday Cake

April Fools Day

It was my birthday yesterday, April 1. 🙂 I love the feeling of having bday on such a unique day. No one forgets my bday.

I got really priceless gifts from my loved ones. One of them was a new cute awesome lens in my camera kit. My roommates gave me EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens. I wanted that lens badly and they knew that. 🙂

Took this first shot of my birthday cake using that lens. Awesome depth of field and amazing output. I’m gonna use that lens much now.

Day 8: Melodious Christmas

Melodious Christmas

One of my personal favorite photo.

I went to my professor’s house for the end of the semester party for my research lab members. It was the time near christmas.

My professor’s house was very awesome and he had this piano, guitar, Christmas tree and few other unique things in the front corridor of the house.  It was a very good afternoon and sun was bright and low positioned.

So I notice the sun light coming from the window and giving a yellowish look to whole room. As usual, I had my camera kit with me. I set the camera on tripod as the overall light was still low to take bright photo. The photo on my mind was to take piano on the right side and Christmas tree on the left side. I clicked that first and then while I was trying to set different angle, I noticed the reflection of the tree on piano. I was like WOW. I changed my mind & settings and then took this photo.

I hope you’ll like it.


  • f5.6
  • 3.2 seconds
  • ISO 200
  • Focal length 53mm
  • Metering: pattern