Photo Post 159: Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

Pike Place Market


40 days old photograph.

Since I came to Washington state, I was kinda finding places to go to and take photographs. Even though I live very close to Seattle, I never took opportunity to visit it after being 8 months in Bellevue. I was mad at myself because of this, so finally I made plan to visit Seattle.

I didn’t had much time so the first place to visit was ofcourse the pike place market. I thought it will something I will quickly finish and then will go to Seattle public library. But I was totally wrong.

My first visit to one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States took more than 3 hours and still I couldn’t finish everything.

It was a great trip. I was not prepared to take macro shots but there is an awesome opportunity to do some food and flower photography there because of so many lovely vendors.

I won’t lie but I saw this kind of  photograph somewhere before, so that was kind of inspiration to take this photograph.

It was extremely sunny there so lighting for a good photograph was not good at all. I had to take 3 photographs with different exposure (hdr) and then did the selective coloring in lightroom. As I said selective coloring for this photo was decided before I took it, so it was quick and easy to process this one. I love those moments when you know what you want to do and you do that, and life becomes nicer 🙂

Feeling good to write after long time as usual.

500px & Flickr

See you soon. Till then આવજો, Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


Photo Post 158: You, Me and The Silence Goes For Miles

You, Me and The Silence

After long time !! 2 months.

I just don’t get enough time sometimes and other times I get enough lazy to do all the stuff together.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t photographs though. I took. May be not that much, but still I managed time for that.

If you look at previous post then this photo connects to the same place and same trip. I remember I saw this couple sitting there and discussing something. I was actually trying to take an HDR of these rocks with green algae on top of them and the water. But I thought that if I take this couple in the photo, it may add an interesting perspective.

I asked them if I can include them in my photo and they said OK, so I took HDR including them. As expected, they moved in all my single photographs and that’s why my HDR processing didn’t go very well around that area (thanks to ghost removal option in photomatix to making this better). I didn’t like colored version and monochrome kinda gave me some connection between all the elements. So I finalized on that.

At the time of giving title, as they were looking in kind of opposite direction, I made it into a silence between two people situation and gave the title.

Editing: As I said it is an HDR, so that was done in Photomatix Pro and then minor touching in lightroom.

Thank you for visiting !!

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See you soon. Till then આવજો, Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Photo Post 131: Spoon illustrative pattern

Spoon Pattern

I’m exploring different pattern designing these days. Just for fun and learning. I have kept myself open to everything which can be called an art. Photography is obviously ultimate love and passion but still.

I mentioned about Droste effect in previous post. I’m kinda still attached to it for exploring and thinking different ways to achieve output. Today after everyone went to sleep, I thought to do something creative.  So I took some spoons and paper towel, arranged the spoons, used my cell phone flash light and then clicked a photo using 50mm lens. I kept the manual setting in a way so that I can get little darker photo but without noise.

I got a good shot. After that I opened Photoshop, I duplicate the same image, rotated the duplicate copy to 180 degree and put it on top of main image. Following that, I used the Droste filter in Adobe Pixel Blender Toolkit to create the upper side of this image. Finally, again in Photoshop I duplicated the Droste effected image, rotated 180 and fix it below the top image to create the final one.

It really took time. 🙂 But it was fun. Let me know your view on this photo. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Photo Post 128: The Cat Eye

the cat eye

I thought I would be free for photography after I come back here in NJ but that’s not happening. I’m not getting enough time to go for photography outside. The whole day just passes with lots of stuff. Job searching, learning and training myself for job interviews and some house stuff. Apart from that, NJ is getting cold right now and I’m not used to cold weather so I’m afraid of going out in this season and getting sick.

This cat is the same cat which you saw with Deborah in the previous photo. I’ve already mentioned about the photo session with Deb. While she was away for 2-3 minutes to change her clothes, I took 2-3 snaps of her kitty ‘LUKA’. I wanted to try out something new with the cat photo, so I cropped her eye area in a way so that it can come nearly to the center of 1/3 of the vertical image.

I then changed it to black and white to give little scary and interesting look and used graduated filter tool to manually decrease the exposure in corners. That image looked good but I still tried to see what Fotosketcher can produce, and it created a very artistic image using the brushstrokes painting tool.

I liked it. It’s difficult to take wonderful photographs everyday so sometimes artistic photographics from my own photographs works very well !!!

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See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Photo Post 126: Deborah Wong (photo pencil work)

Deborah Wong (Photo Pencil Work)

Little late today !!

Finally I finished post processing the photos from my photo session with Deborah Wong. We decided to do photoshoot of each-other before I come to NJ. We did it before the day I came to NJ. I was so busy in my final thesis submission and all, so I was so tired that day and that’s why I told her that we will only do her photoshoot that time.

She just had bought two basic studio lights set from amazon and she agreed to do this session in her house using those lights. I was so excited because it was the first time I was going to experience taking photographs using those lights.

We started arranging some stuff here and there in her house to make some space for set up everything. We used black bed sheet to make the background and stick it with wall using sellotapes.

It was lovely experience I had. This is one of photographs which I thought will look awesome in pencil work and it really looked awesome. First, I processed in Lightroom to get proper lighting and vignette and then I used my photo art software to make proper pencil work of the photo.

I really really loved this one. I hope she will like it too. After post processing, I finalized 16-17 photographs from this photo session with her. I’m not going to post all here but will definitely share some specials ones. I will then make an album on my Facebook Photography page and share that link here.

Better quality Flickr link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Day 115: Passion of Dance

Passion for dance

Another dance photograph. Actually I’m giving concept to photos which I took at University of Florida during annual Indian festival. It was full of different Indian dancing. My super favorite among my own photos – ‘day 1 – dancing goddesses’ was taken at same day.

I was trying to be more creative, so first I motion blurred the photograph of these dancing girls (they were playing garba). That’s what actually I was trying to achieve and then was planning to decorate it with unique color/lighting, but I was really not happy with my Photoshop editing. Or may be I was too too impatient to finalize it. So I had to think about something else and then suddenly that photo-art software came to my mind.

I was sure it’s gonna look amazing and it did. I love the final image. Very artistic from my point of view. I’m excited to see people’s reaction. They may or may not like it but I’ve totally liked it 🙂

Please look at better quality Flickr link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Day 114: “Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire”

"Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire"

Noise added intentionally

Love to have something like this. It looks very artistic to me. I wrote before also and would like to write again that ‘please never quickly discard any photographs you take’, you may not find the ‘x-factor’ at first glance. It happened to me often since recent months. I created worth keeping photographs after cropping, post processing and trying to achieve artistic than just normal look.

I added much noise intentionally in this photograph because the shadow white light you can see on the legs gives a very nice look with noise. You won’t be able to see clearly here on the blog. Better check Flickr link.

Everyone does photography these days. And there are tons of good photographers, hence I feel it very challenging to produce more unique and different photographs. Or in other words, more creative. I don’t know what people think about my art and skills but I know I’m learning and growing as an artist day by day.

This photograph will look awesome in canvas print 🙂 I wish I had the money to create canvas of some of my photographs.

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.