Photo Post 134: Merry-Go-Round (Woodbridge Center Mall, NJ)


Finally I got chance to take a long exposure merry-go-round. Actually since long time I really really want to go to a funfair and take awesome long exposure photos of different rides at night time. But my busy schedule always bring something in between. Before a month, it was study and now it is job hunting. No time for fun. Seriously !! Even I can’t update blog everyday which I promised you and myself.

OK !!! Leave it. Even I didn’t go to any fair to take this picture. Yesterday I went to a shopping mall with sister and brother-in-law. I took my camera with me as I had nothing to shop. At last minute, I took my tripod too and that definitely worked out. I took some cute snaps of my nephew inside the mall and then before coming back home, we went to kids area inside the mall. When I saw this merry-go-round, I was like “YEAHHH !!! I got something interesting”.

Unfortunately lights inside the mall were to bright and even there was still sunshine coming inside. They still turned on the lights around merry-go-round which gave me opportunity to take a long exposure photograph. I set my tripod and took 4-5 photos. People were very disturbing going here and there and coming in between my camera and my object.

Post processed one in Lightroom which I’m sharing with you today. I can take much better photograph than this but still I’m happy with this 🙂

WordPress ruined the quality here. Check out the Flickr link.

See you soon. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


Photo Post 132: Mr. Turtle

Mr turtle

Today in the afternoon, I got up to have lunch and that time my little 2 year old nephew was already sleeping so the drawing room empty. I saw this Mr Turtle sitting at window. It was raining outside so nice light was coming inside from the window behind turtle.

Turtle was looking so cute that I couldn’t stop myself from taking his picture. But because of the back light I decided to click multiple shots with different exposure to create a better exposed final image. So in technical term – it is an HDR image.

Then I did minor post processing in light room to some vignette in the corners and color enhancement.

I liked it 🙂 Happy 🙂

Flickr lightroom link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Day 116: Retro Rusted Car (LDR)

Retro Vintage Car

My first LDR/HDR (single image)  after I started this challenge. Very much thanks to my subject (this car). 😉 I went to my storage place to pick up some stuff. After I entered and took a right turn, I saw this amazing old rusted vintage car. For a second, I didn’t notice and drove forward to park for near my storage area but I was in awe as soon as I realize the amazing thing to take photographs of.

Obviously and unfortunately, I was not having my DSLR but many thanks to my Samsung Galaxy SII skyrocket. I spend quick 5 minutes in reviews the camera options and then chose manual white balance and stuff and clicked 4-5 photographs with different composition. I made my mind that if this doesn’t work, I’m going to go there back tomorrow with my DSLR. After I saw this one on the laptop, it looked pretty good.

I opened the photo in Photoshop, changed exposure to -2.0 and +2.0 to make two different images. I used Photomatix to process the dynamic range.

Had fun doing this !! Lucky day today 🙂

Better quality Flickr link.

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Day 107: Toy Duckie…Quake Quake…

Toy Duckie

As I was not getting time to go outside, I looked and thought about something inside the house to take photographs of. I found this cute water toy duck. My nephew’s toy. 🙂 I filled the water in his baby tub to put the duck inside and take photos.

I wanted to show splash of water when duck rotates its legs but unfortunately it was moving slowly inside water without making any water splash. So I decided to take a still shot in water. I was pretty sure about what exactly I wanted (catchy colors of water and toy, calm water & nice composition).

If you’re following me then you will notice that I changed my theme over long time. I pretty much liked it but the only major problem is that it’s not showing EXIF info about the photos. I will have to add EXIF info in the post itself.

Please let me know which theme do you like better ? I’m confused.

Better quality Flickr link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.


1/100 Seconds,
ISO – 100,
No Flash, Manual mode

Day 105: The Kitchen Art

The Kitchen Art

I love experimenting post processing according to whatever the objects are in the photograph.

Tried to change the photo into more like painting work.  Took it today at Chipotle (Menlo Park Mall, NJ) when I went there for dinner.

Because of low lights inside and so many people, I couldn’t get amazing quality photograph, that’s why decided to change it into black-and-white art with shades/lights/texture. Happy with what I’ve done. Will do better next time. Got some interesting ideas about this type of photos 🙂

Don’t have enough time to write more today.

Post processing: All the basic work till the texture in Lightroom and then used a photoshop filter to get the texture. Again did some contrast correcting in Lightroom. Liked the squared frame, so kept it that way.

Better quality Flickr link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Day 102: The Dangerous Ride

Dangerous Ride

Today again, I tried to represent the title through photo.

To get more closer to ‘danger’ look, I very much decreased the exposure and then adjusted contrast, black/white clipping.

Cropped out very large area from the frame to make the final one.

Took @ Six Flags Great Adventure (Ride: SkyScreamer)

Don’t have time to write full story again.

Definitely better quality Flick link

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.

Day 96: The Giant Ferris Wheel @ Seaside Heights

Giant Ferris Wheel

As I already mentioned in last post, I had an amazing trip to Seaside Heights Beach and Boardwalk yesterday. What a place to visit in sunny weather !!! It was not a full day trip but still fully enjoyed. Awesome sunny weather in NJ, cold beach water, cool boardwalk games and tasty pizza.

I took my camera with me but was prepared about not getting enough pictures because my family was with me and I didn’t want to ruin their trip by just wondering alone and taking photographs. Took some family pictures, tried lots of flying bird pictures (got few nice) and finally while walking on boardwalk, I saw this huge Ferris Wheel. Since very long time I want to take slow shutter photographs of amusement rides at night but still haven’t got chance. But at least I got chance to take different angles of Ferris Wheel (though it was in daylight situation) and I didn’t want to miss it. Even it had colorful compartments too, so I was sure to get at least one good picture.

I liked the angle in this photo. Something like this was only there on my mind before taking the picture. Very nice flow of eyes from one compartment to another around the picture. I always tend to keep high contrast on my photographs but this time I rather kept it low contrasted and I very much liked it this way. Different color compartments mixes nicely with each other.

Cropped to get rid of unwanted area from bottom part. Played with different lightroom settings to get the final result.

This image looks very nice on Flickr. Take a look @ Better quality Flickr link.

See you tomorrow. Till then Good Night, Alvida, Shabba Khair, Shub Ratri.